Self-harm and Suicidal Behaviour in Young People: Current issues and contemporary practice A one-day workshop with Professor Stephen Briggs and Dr Terence Nice London, 1 March 2019 (Friday) 10:00am - 5:00pm
As the reported numbers of young people with self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviour continue to increase, finding effective and meaningful responses is crucial. This workshop will focus on: Understanding self-harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviour in young people Considering how to provide effective therapeutic interventions Drawing on current knowledge from research, clinical guidelines and practice experience, the discussion will explore how to maintain a helpful therapeutic position which actively engages young people understand the meaning of self-harm/suicidal feelings for each individual help to reduce self-destructive ways of relating and behaving help to recover and enhance the individual’s capacity to meet developmental challenges The workshop will ask, and then address, some key questions arising in current practice: these will include: undertaking risk assessments for repeated self-harm and suicide attempts the influence of peers and other groups on suicidal behaviour how to understand the interplay between the destructive and communicative aspects of self-harm working as therapists, including holding multiple cases, with the emotional experiences of self-harm and suicide The 1-day course will use presentations, group discussions and case vignettes. Who is the course suitable for? The course is suitable for all counsellors, psychotherapists and health and social care professionals practising in health, education and social care settings and in private practice.
About the speakers Stephen Briggs is Professor of Social Work and Director of the Centre for Social Work Research at the University of East London and a psychotherapist in private practice. He worked in the Adolescent Department at the Tavistock Clinic for more than 20 years as a clinician, teacher and researcher. He has researched and written widely on adolescent mental health, self-harm and suicide, and infant mental health and infant observation. His books include: Working with Adolescents and Young Adults: A contemporary psychodynamic approach (2008), Growth and Risk in Infancy (1997), and Relating to self-harm and suicide; psychoanalytic perspectives on practice, theory and prevention (2008, edited with Alessandra Lemma and Will Crouch). His current book ‘Time Limited Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy’ will be published by Routledge in 2019. He is an expert reviewer for NICE guidelines and was a member of the NICE Guideline Development Group for the guideline for Self-harm; longer term management (2011). Terence Nice is Programme Director (Psychotherapy) at the University of Kent and a Visiting Lecturer at Regent’s University London. He trained as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist at the University of Kent before going onto the MA in infant observation at the Tavistock Clinic, London. He has always been fascinated by early developmental experiences and how these impact upon adolescent and adult psychopathology. Since completing his doctoral thesis ‘Troubled Minds and Scarred Bodies’ in 2012, his research focus has been upon capturing and understanding the complex intentional and motivational systems that characterise self-harming and suicidal behaviours in young people. He contributed to the development of the Mind and Body Programme, winner of the UK Public Mental Health and Well-being award (2017). He is a member of the UKCP Research Faculty Committee, a practicing psychotherapist and an active researcher in the NHS. He has published papers on self-harm and attempted suicide in young people and is a reviewer for the British Journal of Psychotherapy. Workshop schedule 10:00AM: Introductions: Setting goals for the day and sharing experiences 10:45AM: Assessing risks of repeated self-harm and for suicide completion: undertaking collaborative risk assessments 11:30AM: Coffee Break 11:45AM: Pain, restoration and repair in self-cutting 12:30PM: Group discussion 1:00PM: Lunch Break (a light lunch is provided as part of the workshop) 2:00PM: Peer and group influences on self-harm and suicide: current knowledge and implications for practice 2:45PM: Working with the emotional experiences of self-harm and suicide 3:30PM: Coffee Break 3:45PM: Case and group discussion 4:30PM: Review of the day 5:00PM: Close

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