CBT for Insomnia (CBT-I) An evening webinar with Gail Myhr Online, 13 February 2019 (Wednesday) 6:00pm - 9:00pm, London, UK time
Insomnia is a common condition, either as a standalone disorder, or as a concomitant of mental disorders. Psychotropic medications themselves, such as antidepressants, can contribute to sleep difficulties. Clients with insomnia turn to mental health professionals who may provide advice on sleep hygiene or sleeping medications, with variable effectiveness. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) has been shown to be as effective as medications in reducing even chronic insomnia. Simple, time-limited and cost-effective, CBT-I integrates a basic understanding of the principles of sleep regulation (sleep drive, the circadian clock), with the cognitive behavioural principles of conditioning and cognitive processes. Stimulus control and sleep restriction, for example, are powerful behavioural techniques which reverse conditioned arousal and improve sleep quality. Moreover, cognitive interventions address our client’s erroneous beliefs about sleep, “safety behaviours”, as well as the tendency to worry, all of which contribute to nighttime arousal and daytime dysfunction. Dr Myhr has designed this evening as a highly interactive webinar. Participants will use sleep logs and apps to establish their own sleep parameters. They will learn to use sleep parameters to plan CBT-I interventions in case material. By the end of the webinar, participants will be ready to try CBTi for their next client with insomnia. About the speaker Gail Myhr MD, CM, MSc, FRCPC, is an Associate Professor of psychiatry at McGill University. She is a psychiatrist, a cognitive therapist and Director of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Unit of the McGill University Health Centre, a university research and teaching unit which trains mental health professionals in basic and advanced cognitive behavioural therapy skills. Her clinical and research interests include suitability for short-term CBT, CBT for psychosis, attachment-related interventions in CBT and cost-effectiveness of CBT in the treatment of mental disorders. She is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, a diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and Membership Chair and Founding Member of the Canadian Association of Cognitive & Behavioural Therapies--l'Association Canadienne des Thérapies Cognitives et Comportementales. Webinar Schedule 5.45pm: Online Registration 6.00 pm: Session 1: What is insomnia? Measuring sleep (sleep parameters, sleep logs & apps) What is insomnia? Case of Mrs A and Mr B Why CBTi? Sleep architecture 7:30pm: Break 7:45 pm: Session 2: CBT for Insomnia Conceptualizing Insomnia in CBT-I: Sleep drive Circadian clock Conditioned arousal Arousal related to sleep cognitions (sleep effort, safety behaviours) Arousal related to general worry CBT-I interventions Stimulus control Sleep restriction Cognitive strategies Case of Mrs A and Mr B revisited
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