Advanced Workshop: DID, BPD and / or C-PTSD? : Diagnostic Assessment and Therapeutic Implications A one-day workshop with Dr Suzette Boon London, 22 March 2019 (Friday) 10:00am - 4:00pm
There are many areas of overlap in the phenomenology of clients with a dissociative identity disorder (DID), borderline personality disorder (BPD) and Complex Posttraumatic Stress disorder (C-PTSD). Distinguishing these disorders is often very difficult. Both therapist and client may be confused about these diagnoses. Moreover, sometimes a client may also meet criteria for all three disorders. This one-day advanced workshop will focus on the distinction of dissociative disorders, in particular DID, from BPD and CPTSD or imitated DID. In the morning, the focus will be on assessment. Symptom profiles from clients with DID, BPD and CPTSD and imitated DID cases will be discussed and illustrated with videoclips. In the afternoon, consequences for therapy will be discussed and we will consider questions like: Should there be a difference in therapy? When to work with (dissociative) parts or use part language How much stabilization is needed before starting phase 2 treatment of traumatic memories How do you approach clients who are convinced that they have DID when you can’t conform the diagnosis? Learning Objectives Different theoretical concepts of dissociation will be presented and discussed Different ways to assess dissociative symptoms will be discussed Participants will be able to describe similarities and differences in symptom profiles between: DID Complex PTSD BPD Imitated DID Participants will learn to distinguish dissociative parts, from ego states and borderline modes Different therapeutic trajectories will be discussed for DID, Complex PTSD, BPD and imitated DID Participants will learn when they should use ‘part language’ (and why not?)
About the speaker Suzette A. Boon PhD, is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She is a trainer and supervisor for the Dutch Society for Family Therapy and the Dutch Society for Clinical Hypnosis. Since the late eighties she has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of complex dissociative disorders. She has worked as a researcher at the free University of Amsterdam (psychiatric department). She translated and validated the Dutch version of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Dissociative Disorders (SCID-D) and received a PhD for her thesis “Multiple Personality Disorder in the Netherlands” in 1993. She has published several books, book chapters and articles both on diagnosis as well as treatment of dissociative disorders. She has developed a skills training manual for clients with complex dissociative disorder, the English version of which, with Kathy Steele, MN, CS and Onno van der Hart PhD has been published in March 2011 (Norton publishers). She has developed together with Helga Matthess, a new semi structured interview for complex dissociative disorders and trauma related symptoms: the “Trauma and Dissociation Symptoms Interview (TADS-I)”. A validation study for this interview is currently in progress.

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